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Progressive-music vocalist, That Joe Payne, is recognised for his involvement with a variety of projects, from solo releases to collaborations with artists such as Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), The Enid, John Holden, and Zio.

Based in Northampton, England, and remembered by audiences for boasting an impressive five-octave range and flamboyant showmanship, his voice has featured on no less than sixteen album releases since his career began in 2011.

Personal achievements include being voted Best Male Vocalist two years running by the readers of Prog Magazine, and three Progressive Music Award nominations for his work with The Enid.

As a solo artist, Joe has regularly supported other known artists throughout the prog-scene, including Franck Carducci and Ms Amy Birks, having also performed at the 2019 Marillion Weekend in The Netherlands.


Jordan Rudess [2024]

September 2024 will see the release of a new solo album by Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater).

The prog-metal keyboardist invited That Joe Payne to feature on vocals, alongside drummer Darby Todd (Devin Townsend/The Darkness).

The three-piece made their live debut at Cruise to the Edge on March 11th 2024 - a performance that also featured guest stars Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater and more) and Charlie Griffiths (Haken).

This project's first single, Embers, is available to stream online, now!

JOHN HOLDEN [2018-2022]

As a self-proclaimed progressive rock fan, John Holden sought out to combine his favourite artists in the genre to produce his debut album Capture Light, released 2018. Keen to spread his wings and try something new following his departure from The Enid in 2016, Payne agreed to sing lead vocals for three songs on the album, including the title track.

Holden and Payne's friendship has continued to thrive, with the pair subsequently working on two more studio albums together (Rise & Fall, and Circles in Time). 

In March 2021, Payne also appeared alongside vocalists Marc Atkinson, Peter Jones, and Sally Minnear for the charity single Northern Lights - a cover of the Rennaisance classic, also featuring original bassist Jon Camp, Payne's live guitarist Oliver Day, and an array of other names.

ZIO [2018-2020]

Zio is a French band founded by drummer Jimmy Pallagrosi, keyboardist Olivier Castan, and Guitarist Marc Fascia. Intended as a guest-vocal collaboration for the album Flower Torania, Payne agreed to "do a few shows" in 2018 to help the band promote their new music. This continued for two years, with Payne fronting the band alongside vocalist Hayley Griffiths.

Other guests to feature on the album include Heather Findlay (vocals), Franck Carducci (vocals), Richard Henshall (guitar), and Cagri Tozluoglu (orchestration). 


A project by Greek guitarist Nikitas Kissonas, Joe Payne was invited to sing on the writer's second album Suiciety having made an impression with his vocals on The Enid's Invicta. Vocals were thus recorded at Payne's then-home, The Lodge Recording Studios. 

The album also hosts an array of international musicians who recorded their parts remotely, including Linus Kåse (Keyboards), Walle Wahlgren (Drums), and Brett d’Anon (Bass).

THE ENID [2011-2016]

First acquainted with The Enid in 2009, Joe met his future collaborators whilst recording with other projects at their home, The Lodge Recording Studios, Northampton. Discovering them for the first time, the music hit a chord with Joe whose background and interests included concert piano, pop and progressive music, abstract theatre and admiration for ambitious performing artists such as Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel.

Joe’s first job with The Enid was as part of their manufactured 10 piece male choir, The Northampton Decibels. After almost a year of working together, Joe was invited to sing lead vocals on a new studio recording for the band’s third album of revisits, Arise and Shine III: Shining. A creative relationship began from this moment as the band encouraged Joe to apply his love of lyric writing to some of the revisited instrumental pieces.

At this time Joe was studying a Business Management degree at the Clare Business School, Buckinghamshire. His new insight into brand management fuelled an ambitious re-branding of The Enid, succeeding to transform them from a historical instrumental band into a contemporary vocal led and visually ambitious outfit.

Joe’s name will be seen credited as a co-writer on most of The Enid’s material written during their time together, musically, lyrically and conceptually. His influence to create more visually dynamic and conceptual live shows led the band to be recognised for their events as much as their music, gathering wide acclaim from the rock press, earning them a Live Event nomination at the 2015 Progressive Music Awards for their artistic high point, The Bridge Show.

In April 2016, shortly after the release of their last album, Dust, Payne fell ill with depression and anxiety. Unable to work, he officially announced his departure from The Enid in September 2016.

Artist Development

Voted Best Male Vocalist two years running in the Prog Magazine Readers’ Poll, Payne has been coached in operatic vocal technique by one of the world’s leading Classical Voice teachers, Paul Farrington (currently vocal consultant to the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, New National Theatre Tokyo, and Göteborgs Operan in Sweden).

He has also been directed in stagecraft by TV Illusionist Simon Drake, best known for his Channel 4 show Secret Cabaret and performance and production role in the Kate Bush Tour of Life.

In 2012 Payne graduated from the Clare Business School with a degree in Business Management (BA Hons), giving him a strong foundation on which to build his own businesses such as his first record label and live production companies.

Now a solo artist, Payne is a self-taught writer and arranger, working closely with producer Max Read on all his personal studio projects.

Payne can also be seen working as a guest & session vocalist for other projects, including Zio, John Holden and Methexis. 

Back Catalogue

The Enid – Shining [2012]

The Enid – Invicta [2012]

The Enid – First Light [2014]

The Enid – En Concert á Crescendo (DVD and Blu-ray) [2014]

Methexis – Suiciety [2015]

The Enid – The Bridge [2015]

The Enid – The Bridge Show, Live at Union Chapel (CD, DVD and Blu-ray) [2015]

The Enid – Dust [2016]

The Enid – The Dust Show, Live at Cadogan Hall (DVD and Blu-ray) [2016]

That Joe Payne – I Need a Change (Single) [2018]

John Holden – Capture Light [2018]

That Joe Payne – What is the World Coming To (EP) [2018]

Zio – Flower Torania [2020]

John Holden – Rise and Fall [2020]

That Joe Payne – By Name. By Nature. [2020]

John Holden - Circles in Time [2021]

That Joe Payne - By Name By Nature Tour (CD, DVD and Blu-ray) [2021]

John Holden - Kintsugi [2022]

That Joe Payne - Ding Dong [2022]

That Joe Payne - Bread & Circuses [2023]


Voted Male Vocalist of the Year 2014 & 2015
Prog Magazine Readers’ Poll

3 time nominated, including Best Artist, Best Album and Best Event
Progressive Music Awards

“The voice of an angel."
David Erdos, International Times

Jerry Ewing, Prog Magazine

“Payne can certainly be forgiven the odd moment of pomp and strut, owning the stage from the first note to the last.”
Sid Smith, Team Rock

“Commanding the stage with assurance, elegance and a touch of Adam Lambert-esque flamboyance as he lives every word.”
Liz Medhurst, Metal Talk

“Outstanding and charming.”
Leo Trimming, The Progressive Aspect

“Payne’s heartfelt delivery is as seductive as it is powerful, almost beseeching you as it impacts on your psyche.”
Martin Hutchinson, Prog Radar


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