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Dec Burke to replace Ms Amy Birks as support for That Joe Payne shows this October!

“Super excited to be doing some support shows with Joe in October. One of the country’s finest live performers. First gigs for me since lockdown and opportunity to play songs from my new album in a solo setting.” Dec Burke

Hello my loves,

A lot of you have been asking about Amy and whether or not she'll still be supporting me for my upcoming audio-visual shows...

It's all been a bit uncertain as she wasn't sure if the shows would clash with an operation she urgently needs to have on her wrist, but we now know that this will have to take priority for rest and recuperation. 

But, the good news is I've managed to secure the amazing Dec Burke (ex-Frost*) to take her place this October! He also happens to be releasing a new album this week – Life in Two Dimensions – which he has been working on with prog producer Robin Armstrong (Cosmograf), signing this year to his independent label, Gravity Dream Music. (Pre-orders of the album are available via the label website: www.gravitydream.co.uk)

Dec and I have been dying to work together for ages, and almost shared the stage for a Zio-Dilemma double headliner last year which was of course cancelled due to covid. So, when I had a support opening come up, he seemed like the perfect guy to ask! There are so many correlations, the universe is definitely screaming that this was meant to be. I mean, he’s releasing an album THIS WEEK! Not to mention we’re both living in Northampton of all places, and we always get the odd joy of bumping into each other on a dog walk or in the pub. Such a lovely guy. Even my Max is excited to be working with Dec again, having had history in the studio together.

These upcoming shows will be a revisit of the same format, but with a slight change to the setlist as I introduce some new music, previewing my new single Live the Dream set for release early next year to coincide with the launch of a British film for which the song was written.

So, I really hope you'll join me, Dec and the band for what will be two great shows that are a long time coming:

The Met, Bury, Greater Manchester, UK

Date: Saturday 9th October 2021

Time: 8pm


Hanger Farm Arts Centre, Totton, Southampton, UK

Date: Saturday 16th October 2021

Time: 7.30pm


Much love, and looking forward to seeing you,

Joe xxx


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