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Ding Dong: A New Christmas Album!


Dear festive friends,

This year, behind the scenes, Max and I have been totally consumed by a hugely ambitious project: a brand new Christmas album of original songs and carols called Ding Dong

The last two weeks we have had many a late night finishing off the final mixes, mastering, artwork, and even writing some brand new songs at the last minute that this record just wouldn't feel complete without. The end result is what I believe to be my best work yet!

This 'alternative' 8 track album has everything your Christmas needs, from warm choir arrangements that sound like they could have been written in the thirteenth century, to a hip-hop parody full of dirty Santa jokes, and everything in between. There really is something for everyone, here... Oh, and loads of bells! ;)

I also hope you find the artwork captivating! This cover art was created by internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning portrait photographer & digital artist Jack Savage. We've actually been fans of each others work for some time, and I think he's illustrated the sound of the album perfectly.

The CDs are now being pressed, and it's possible to pre-order your signed copy, now (or unsigned). This record makes the perfect Christmas gift to anyone who is sick of hearing the same old songs every year, and I guarantee it will become the new soundtrack to your Christmases - present and future!


CLICK HERE to LISTEN with early-access, via Patreon!

Thank you! The CDs should land in the mail ahead of the official release on Friday 2nd December 2022. :)

Much love,

Joe xxx




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