The Enid - Invicta [CD]

Payne and The Enid's 2012 breakthrough record.
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Release 10th November 2012, Invicta was Payne's breakthrough record with The Enid.

Recapturing the attention of the progressive rock word, the record was nominated for Best Album at the 2013 Progressive Music Awards.

It was the first time Payne became involved as a composer for the band, with his main contributions including 'One and the Many', 'Who Created Me' and 'Villain of Science'.

The album followed on from its predecessor, Journey's End as the second in a planned trilogy.


  1. Anthropy
  2. One and the Many
  3. Who Created Me?
  4. Execution Mob
  5. Witch Hunt
  6. Heaven's Gate
  7. Leviticus
  8. Villain of Science
  9. The Whispering 


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