The Enid - The Dust Show, Live at Cadogan Hall [DVD]

The last filmed performance of Payne with The Enid.
It was recorded on 2nd April 2016 at Cadogan Hall, London.
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Following expectations set by The Bridge Show, Payne presents his latest visual concept, once again directed by Simon Drake.

The Dust Show was Payne's last ever tour with The Enid, showing him at his most ambitious as he performs interactive routines with an LED video backdrop.

Act 1 is a medley of songs from Journey's End, The Bridge and Invicta, used together to forge a story of conception, nurture and new life.

Act 2 is a full performance of the band's then-new album, Dust.

Act 1:

  1. Heaven's Gate
  2. Dark Corner of the Sky
  3. Who Created Me?
  4. First Light
  5. Malacandra
  6. Shiva

Act 2:

  1. Heavy Hearts
  2. Born in the Fire
  3. Someone Shall Rise
  4. When the World is Full
  5. Trophy
  6. Monsters
  7. 1000 Stars


  1. Leviticus
  2. 'Til We're Old (solo performance by Robert John Godfrey)
  3. Excerpt from Night of the Iguana b Tennessee Williams
  4. One and the Many

Extra Feature: An Interview with Robert John Godfrey


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