By Name, By Nature Tour [Trailer]

Artist: That Joe Payne / Format: CD+DVD/CD+Blu-ray / Released: June 25th, 2021

End of the Tunnel (Live Band Video)

Artist: That Joe Payne / Location: The Lodge Recording Studio & The Court Theatre, Tring / Released: May 1st, 2020

What is the World Coming To (Live Band Video)

Artist: That Joe Payne / Location: The Lodge Recording Studio / Released: February 17th, 2020

I Need a Change (Acoustic)

Artist: That Joe Payne / EP: What is the World Coming / Released: October 26th, 2018

Video Highlights

That Joe Payne - Released 1st March 2019

End of the Tunnel (Lyric Video)

This song appears as the closing track on That Joe Payne's 'By Name. By Nature.' album, and was also released as a digital single in March 2019.

That Joe Payne - Released 2nd March, 2018

Moonlit Love (Lyric Video)


This record demonstrates what can happen when a famous classical piece such as Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata' is transformed by a contemporary artist into a modern-day pop-ballad.

The song was released as the B-side for Payne's debut single, 'I Need a Change'.

Lyric video filmed by Duncan McLaughlin and edited by That Joe Payne.

Zio (feat. That Joe Payne & Hayley Griffiths)

X-Ray (Official Video)

In 2018, Payne became a guest vocalist for a project called 'Zio' which also features Hayley Griffiths on vocals. 

They released their first single 'X-Ray' that summer, finally completing and releasing the album 'Flower Torania' in January 2020.

The Enid - Taken from the album 'Dust' [2016]

Someone Shall Rise (Official Video)

This was the last official video to be made by Payne with The Enid. 

The video was filmed and edited by Adam Fitch, directed by Payne. 

The location of the video was Northampton's Holy Sepulchre Church, just around the corner from The Enid's home, famed for being only one of two medieval churches in the UK to feature a rare circular room. 

The Enid - The Bridge Show, Live at Union Chapel

One and the Many (Live)

Possibly Payne's most memorable performance of One and the Many, opening The Bridge Show, Live at Union Chapel.

One and the Many features on The Enid's 2012 breakthrough album, Invicta.

This tour was The Enid's first venture into live visuals and concept shows.

Filmed 31st March 2015 by Jeff Cousins.

Concept by Joe Payne, produced by Max Read and directed by Simon Drake.

The Enid - The Dust Show, Live at Cadogan Hall

1000 Stars (Live)

Payne's final live visual-stunt with The Enid, this performance closed the Dust tour with a ramp-humping ejaculation of stars.

1000 Stars features on The Enid's 2016 album, Dust.

This tour marked The Enid's final moments with Payne as frontman.

Filmed 2nd April 2016 by Jeff Cousins.

Concept by Joe Payne, produced by Max Read and directed by Simon Drake.

The Enid - En Concert á Crescendo

Who Created Me - Witch Hunt (Live)

Filmed in the French coastal town of Saint Palais-sur-Mer, En Concert á Crescendo was The Enid's first live video to feature Payne, showing how The Enid had progressed since his arrival in 2011.

This footage was filmed and edited by Skop Art Films, with live multi-track audio recording from EnidLive.

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