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That Joe Payne - Debut Single and Launch Show

To my dear network of friends and followers,

After months of hard work, writing and recording, I am delighted to announce my return to music.

Today, Friday 1st December, I am launching my new identity as “That Joe Payne”.

If you’re wondering where “that” came from, well, it is quite simple. It’s a reminder to myself never to allow my anxiety to break me again.

Having only recently come to accept myself for being me (whatever it is I am), until now I had always projected myself as a person desperate to win over the sceptics.

In my head, I was always “that singer” who ruined your favourite instrumental song. “That fag” who was too musical theatre for you. “That kid” who couldn’t possibly be capable of anything, alone.

Those voices, existing more in my head than the real world, were a big part of my fall from grace in 2016. Will I let them win again? Hell no.

I’m “that writer” who released 7 albums in 4 years. “That performer” who exceeded expectations with every show. “That artist” who sacrificed his own health in the name of perfectionism.

I’m “That Joe Payne”, mother-lovers!

Debut Single



My debut single is finished and ready for pressing. The song is called “I Need a Change”, and I’m very attached to this one. It’s the most heartfelt thing I’ve ever done, and a real window into the album I’ll be releasing later down the line.

8 minutes and 23 seconds of pure unadulterated me, “I Need a Change” is accompanied by the bonus track “Moonlit Love”, produced exclusively for this single release.

And if you commit to buying the CD version, you’ll get to indulge yourself in all the bonus features, too. I’ve picked apart the arrangements for you so that all the detail can be taken in, fully. We’re talking over 50 minutes’ worth of stuff here, and this is just the single!

The record has been lovingly made with my right-hand man, Max Read, long-standing Enid bassist Nic Willes, and the alluringly left-handed guitarist, Duncan McLaughlan (some of you may have seen him on Orchestral Percussion during The Enid’s ITROSS tour last year).

For the artwork, I was determined to work again with the incredibly talented Louis Sidis ever since modelling for one of his projects last year. He’s done something truly magical with this sleeve art. To complement his work, I’d also like to credit Martin Kielty for his beautifully crafted typography.

This pressing will be a limited run, based on pre-orders. That basically means it’s limited edition. Be sure to order it now, as they won’t be around forever…

Launch Show



On the same day as the single release, I’ll be hosting a one-off launch show party in my hometown of Northampton.

The event will take place at The Picturedrome; a converted cinema and music venue, recently sound treated to perfection by Max Read. Max has been a busy boy, doing that whilst also producing little old me. And hey, I’ll even have him doing my sound on the night, so we all know it’s gonna be kick-ass.

As for my band of session players, you’ll see some familiar faces. I’ll tell you who’s on board nearer the time.

For now, I can confirm that the setlist will contain an eclectic array, the best of my back catalogue. That’s not just Enid stuff either; you might even hear something you’ve never heard before!


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Thank you for your support, and I can’t wait to see you in March.

Ever yours,

That Joe Payne



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