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Share some Payne this Christmas - 25% Off All Merch!

Dear friends,

Christmas doesn't have to be all about the gifts, but I do think that when sharing something with your loved ones, finding something personal is always the most thoughtful way to go about it.

I know that for most of the people on my mailing list, the reason we're in touch is because you passionately care about music. And if you're anything like me, introducing loved ones to something new so that you can enjoy it together carries a really magical feeling.

So, that's why I'm doing a Christmas sale this year. Perhaps you've got friends or family who love new music as much as you do? Or maybe there's a song worth sharing that's helped you through a rough patch or made you smile?

The discount extends to all my merchandise, from solo to collaborative work, vinyl, CDs, DVDs and Blurays, t-shirts, the full works.

The code expires on Monday 7th December as I'd like to make sure we beat the annual postal rush this year. So please order by the end of next week for 25% off everything!

Coupon Code: PAYNE4XMAS


Thanks for your support through a crazy 2020, and a very Merry Christmas to you all,

Joe xxx


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