The Enid - Dust [CD]

Payne's final record with The Enid, released April 1st, 2016.
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Released on April 1st 2016, Dust was the final part of The Enid's Journey's End trilogy, which also featured 'Journey's End' (2010) and 'Invicta' (2012).

Dust is a seven track album based on the seven-pointed star, symbolising a broken symmetry. Six of these seven points represent diametrically opposed forces, ‘secular and sacred’, ‘wealth and poverty’, ‘environment and consumerism’ on an annihilation course with each other. When all of these ideas are cancelled out, all that remains is the final point, Love.

Track List

  1. Born in the Fire
  2. Someone Shall Rise
  3. Monsters
  4. 1000 Stars
  5. When the World is Full
  6. Trophy
  7. Heavy Hearts


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