By Name. By Nature. [CD]

Debut solo album from That Joe Payne, feat. Ms Amy Birks.
By Name. By Nature. 1200x1200
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CD Pre-release Date: Friday 5th June 2020

Official Release (including Digital & Vinyl): Friday 7th August 2020

Track Listing

01. The Thing About Me Is
02. By Name. By Nature.
03. Nice Boy
04. In My Head
05. What is the World Coming To
06. Love (Not the Same) [feat. Ms Amy Birks]
07. I Need a Change
08. End of the Tunnel

Bonus Tracks (CD only):

09. Music for a While
10. Moonlit Love


Music recorded at The Lodge Recording Studio or remotely from That Joe Payne’s home,
both located in Northampton, UK. Started in September 2017. Finished April 2020.
Music & lyrics by That Joe Payne. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Max Read.
Produced by That Joe Payne & Max Read with much love and care.

Performing artists:

That Joe Payne - lead vocals, choir, piano, strings and other programming.
Max Read - bass (track 1), sampled vocals, choir and programming.
Duncan McLaughlan - guitar (tracks 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7), bass (track 6).
Nicholas Willes - drums and bass (tracks 5 & 7).
Lisa Martin - drums (tracks 1, 2 & 7).
Nikitas Kissonas - guitar (track 1).
Ms Amy Birks - vocals (track 7).
Additional thanks to the live musicians who bring these songs to life on stage:
Oliver Day, Moray Macdonald, Nicholas Willes, and Josh Green.


Cover art adapted from original artwork and photography by Sarah Martin:

Booklet artwork and photography contributed by:
Martin Kielty, Sarah Martin, Max Read, Martin Reijman, Louis Sidis, Kardi Sommerfield, Matthew Toresen, Irina Quarterman.


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