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By Name. By Nature. 1200x1200
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By Name. By Nature. [CD Album]

Track Listing

01. The Thing About Me Is
02. By Name. By Nature.
03. Nice Boy
04. In My Head
05. What is the World Coming To
06. Love (Not the Same) [feat. Ms Amy Birks]
07. I Need a Change
08. End of the Tunnel

Bonus Tracks (CD only):

09. Music for a While
10. Moonlit Love

What is the World Coming To [CD EP]

Track Listing

01. What is the World Coming To
02. Music For a While

Exclusive Bonus Tracks (CD only):

03. I Need a Change (Acoustic)
04. Moonlit Love (Acoustic)
05. Origin of Blame (Acoustic)
06. Who Created Me (Acoustic)
07. One and the Many (Acoustic)

I Need a Change [CD Single]

Track Listing

01. I Need a Change
02. Moonlit Love

Exclusive Bonus Tracks (CD only):

03. I Need a Change (45 Edit)
04. I Need a Change (Piano & Lead Vocals)
05. I Need a Change (String Quintet & Lead Vocals)
06. I Need a Change (Choir & Lead Vocals)
07. I Need a Change (Full Arrangement, No Lead Vocals)



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