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ZIO - Secret Project Announced

If you follow me on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you may have noticed I've been teasing information about a secret project.

The cat is now out of the bag!

On Monday evening it was revealed that I am working alongside Hayley Griffiths (ex-Karnataka) as guest vocalists for the prog outfit ZIO. The news came with a surprise performance at the biggest prog festival in France, Crescendo.

The band is built of 4 instrumentalists, founded less than a year ago by Jimmy Pallagrosi (Drums, also ex-Karnataka). Other members include Olivier Castan (Keys, also Franck Carducci Band), Lzi Hayes (Bass, also New Device), and Marc Fascia (Guitar).

So, together we've formed a bit of a supergroup, and I'm well chuffed to be working with such talented artists.

You can expect a single launch and music video coming later this year, with an album due in 2019!

Full article from Prog Magazine, available HERE.



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