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50% Off All Merch - Coupon Code: TJPXMAS

Dearest followers,

I'm offering 50% Off all my merchandise, for a limited time only!

Use the coupon code TJPXMAS by Friday 14th December 2018 to redeem this special offer, and share a piece of me with your loved ones this Christmas!

This Christmas I thought I'd do something a bit special, making all of my work available to you half price!

As a musician, the greatest gift anyone could give me this year is to share my music far and wide.

So if you're passionate about anything I've done, whether it's my solo or collaborative work, I hope you will treat your friends and family to the perfect stocking filler this year, introducing them to some new music.

Coupon Code: TJPXMAS

Simply head to my web-store and use the code TJPXMAS at the checkout to redeem 50% off your order.

All CDs, Videos and T-shirts are included in the offer.

Remember, this offer only last for two weeks, ending on the 14th December to ensure everything arrives in time for Christmas!


Love and hugs,

That Joe Payne




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