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Ms Amy Birks to Support That Joe Payne on 2020 Tour!

Dear music lovers,

I am delighted to announce that the incredible talent that is Ms Amy Birks will be joining me for my five UK theatre dates in 2020!

You may be familiar with her work as part of the now-disbanded Beatrix Players, who won the 2017 Limelight Award at the Progressive Music Awards and also supported acts such as Big Big Train.

The now solo award-winning singer (voted Best Female Vocalist of 2018 by Prog Magazine Readers') will be opening my audio-visual spectaculars, coming to Tring, Southampton, Bury, Glasgow, and Birmingham.

She will be promoting her new album, expected for release in the Spring. Last week she officially launched her debut single, Jamaica Inn on digital platforms. (Check out the music video, here.)

We became great friends earlier this year when she made some last-minute appearances during my Spring Tour, joining me on stage to perform some duets. I'm very excited about working closely with her again next year.


Things are really coming together for next year. By the end of this month I hope to have finished recording my new album, which will free me up to focus 100% on building the show that will accompany it.

From March until June I will be showcasing my (yet to be released) debut album ‘By Name, By Nature’, with an audio-visual extravaganza, accompanied by full band. You can expect my trademark video-interactive choreography, a sprinkle of magic, and an exciting guest appearance.

The show will incorporate everything I have ever learned about stagecraft, and I’ll be raising the standard far beyond anything I’ve ever done before. This is me, not just meeting an expectation, but exceeding it.

I hope that you and your loved ones are able to attend one of the dates, and I look forward to showing you what “That Joe Payne” really means.


Venue: David Evans Court Theatre
Date: Sat 7th March 2020
Style: Seated

I couldn't resist returning to the town where I grew up to launch the tour with a homecoming show. In fact, I spent most of my childhood on stage at this very theatre. If it wasn't for this place and the community who support it, I might not have pursued the path I am now on!


Venue: Hanger Farm Arts Centre
Date: Sat 25th April 2020
Style: Seated

My last event at this great little Arts Centre was for The Enid's 'Bridge Show'. The event sold out to the full capacity of 150 seats.
This time we have had to limit the capacity to 100 seats. We will be bringing the stage forward because we need more space for the set. I'm looking forward to what will be a far more intimate show.


Venue: The Met
Date: Sat 23rd May 2020
Style: Seated

One of the UK's greatest small venues, the last time I tried to book The Met they were about to close their doors for a long period to allow for much needed restoration work.
Now reopened, I've heard nothing but good things, with all accounts expressing that this venue is even more impressive than before.

Venue: CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts)
Date: Sat 30th May 2020
Style: Standing

Glasgow has to be one of my favourite cities to visit, purely because the people there always give back as much as they get from any performance.
This show is guaranteed to be a great laugh, and it will be well worth the long journey. I can't believe it will have been 4 years since I last visited this venue, but I've been dying to come back ever since!

Venue: Crescent Theatre
Date: Sat 20th June 2020
Style: Seated

I'll never forget walking into this venue for the first time in 2016 for The Enid's 'Dust Tour'. I was astonished by the possibilities this theatre presented. There is so much you can do with a space like this one.
That is why I've chosen it again for my end-of-tour show. I feel like I've stumbled across a hidden gem, and I hope you think so too!



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