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Listen Now to New Track 'In My Head'!

Dear friends,

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the first of multiple new tracks from my unreleased 'By Name, By Nature' album.

The song is called 'In My Head', and just like everything on this album, it carries a mental health theme.

In the past, I've covered topics such as depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and even the carer aspect. This time I go a little deeper into the subject of paranoia.

I'm very proud of this track. I think it's one of the best production jobs Max Read and I have ever accomplished. The lyrics also bring my personal experience even more to the surface than anything I've ever done before, so it took quite a bit of courage to nominate this song to be on the album in the first place. I'm fully aware of how exposing it is, and it's hardly something I can take back once it's out there.

The song is very much a duet between me and the choir, performed by Max in his trademark style.

I hope you love it as much as I do! After listening, please be sure to share my Patreon Page on social media, expressing what you think of the song. It really helps me reach new people and build momentum for next year. Thank you!



The best thing about early-access to my new music is that it's available to all patron tiers; Payne-Cells, Payne-Killers, and Total-Paynes alike!

So you could get exclusive access and begin enjoying my latest music from as little as $3 a month (which works out about £2 at the current exchange rate).

It might seem like a small amount, but your collective support has a great value to me, enabling me to invest properly in what I'm doing. Without your help, making tracks like this would be impossible. So, thank you very much for considering joining what I am now calling my "Payne-tron Community"!




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