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Pre-Orders Now Open: By Name By Nature Tour

Dearest fellowship of my eccentricities,

It brings me great joy to finally announce the long-awaited release of my first Live CD, DVD, and Blu-ray: By Name By Nature Tour!

Signed pre-orders are now open, with the official release landing on doormats Friday 25th June 2021.

Available as a 2-disc CD&DVD/CD&Blu-ray set, you will soon be able to relive last year's show, edited and mixed to perfection by Veritesque Productions, and Max Read.

As I said to the audience on the night of the show: "I’ve honestly never been happier to be on stage!" 2020 came with its challenges, but by pulling off this ambitious production despite the limitations, we showed the world just how important our craft is to us. For that very reason, watching this show is like an emotional roller coaster, as we remember how much we’ve missed live music over the last year.

Spellbinding moments to look out for include me duetting with my Love (Not the Same) partner Ms Amy Birks who appears, not in person, but instead as a five-meter-tall video illusion; an effective last-minute innovation as she was unable to attend the show as planned due to long-covid. I also join digital back-up dancers in boyband-esque routines, dodge giant flying fists, and appear to control the weather as I take the audience through millennial topics such as cyberbullying, mental health, and the current climate crisis.

I’m so proud of my amazing team of musicians and technicians who put their hearts and souls into this, and thank you to the wonderful audience who braved the pandemic to support us and the venue!

*Please note, I am only pressing up 500 units of each of the DVD and Blu-ray versions. I've also made the decision not to make this audio available via the major digital download and streaming sites, so the CD is your best bet for HQ sound.*


Thanks for the continued support, and I can't wait to start sharing some hugs again soon,

Joe xx


Official Release: Friday 25th June 2021

In March 2020, singer-songwriter That Joe Payne launched his first audio-visual tour as a solo artist, set to appear in theatres around the UK with his full band. Unfortunately, only one of these dates was initially allowed to take place, with the rest of the tour postponed or cancelled due to the sudden COVID-19 pandemic. Seven long months had passed since the country went into lockdown, with little certainty as to when it would be possible for theatres and music venues to reopen to the public. However, a small window of opportunity presented itself as Payne & co went ahead with a repeat performance of the show, performed to a socially distanced, masked and thermo-tested audience of less than 60 people. The UK was plunged back into lockdown only a week later.

Filmed at The Crescent Theatre in Birmingham on Friday 23rd October 2020, this performance showcases music from That Joe Payne’s debut solo album By Name. By Nature released the same year. Select fan-favourites from across the singer’s eight year career also feature, including songs originally recorded with John Holden, Methexis, and The Enid.


Intro - The Thing About Me Is [featuring Methexis]
By Name. By Nature.
Nice Boy
In My Head
Capture Light [John Holden]
What is the World Coming To

End of the Tunnel
Who Created Me [The Enid]
The Origin of Blame [Methexis]
Moonlit Love Music for a While
Love (Not the Same) [featuring Ms Amy Birks]
I Need a Change
One and the Many [Encore - video only]
LOCATION – The Crescent Theatre, Birmingham, UK
DATE OF FILMING* – Friday 23rd October 2020
BAND – That Joe Payne, Oliver Day, Josh Green, Moray Macdonald, Nicholas M Willes
SPECIAL GUEST VOICES – Ms Amy Birks, Mr Dan Cameron
STUDIO MIXING & MASTERING – Max Read, The Lodge Recording Studios, Northampton, UK
FILM & VIDEO EDITING – Duncan McLaughlan, Veritesque Productions
LIGHTING – Karl Thompson
COSTUME – Captain Mikki Davies
GRAPHICS – That Joe Payne, Max Read, Duncan McLaughlan
SHOW CONCEPT – That Joe Payne
LOGOS & ARTWORK – Martin Kielty, That Joe Payne
ORIGINAL MUSIC – by That Joe Payne, John Holden, The Enid, Methexis, Ludwig van Beethoven, Henry Purcell


All content Copyright © That Joe Payne 2021. All content is owned and published by That Joe Payne. 15 Abington Square - Northampton - NN1 4AE - 07413352512 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.