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'Falling in Love is Easy' Single Launch Show!

SAVE THE DATE: Friday 19th May 2023!

"It's about bloody time I got around to releasing this single!!! lol"

Hello, my lovelies! I'm delighted to announce to you that, this May, I will finally be bringing out the biggest banger of my career so far! Who's ready for a fresh summer rock-anthem?? Cos THIS IS IT!

If you've been to any of my shows in the last year, you will have definitely heard this song played, either with the band or acoustically. Whatever way it's reached you, it will have definitely had you singing along, seeing as it's catchy AF!

So, to celebrate the release, we're gonna be putting on a rock show for ya in my local Northampton venue: The Black Prince. Not only is this a place I call home, but it's just won Best Venue at the Northamptonshire Music Awards 2023. So, this is guaranteed to be a wild night.

Support comes from two of my favourite local solo artists: Chargr and Ross Alexander. Seriously, I hand-picked these guys cos I think they're truly amazing. Chargr will be warming you up with an extremely entertaining indie-electro-pop set (expect mirrorballs and disco-dad dance moves), and we also have acoustic-poet Ross Alexander to open the evening (he supported me in Oundle this February, and I enjoyed his songs so much, I just had to invite him back). 

This is gonna be a banging night - you'd best come, or else you didn't, sooo...


See you on the 19th May,

Joe xxx


P.s. Please order your tickets in advance to save money AND give me peace of mind! Thank you! xxx


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