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NEW ALBUM - BREAD & CIRCUSES - Coming Fri 22nd Sept '23!


Dear lovely people,

The day has finally come when I am officially able to confirm the arrival of my long-anticipated 3rd solo album.

Bread & Circuses will be released via all channels on Friday 22nd September 2023 - just three weeks away!

However, you can get it even sooner if you pre-order the CD! In fact, I should be receiving the pressing just a day or two before my Album-Launch-Show in Aylesbury on Saturday 16th September (two weeks' time - get tickets, HERE), so if you're coming to that, you can collect it from me there and be the first to have it.

As a rule, I never put an album on sale until it is finished, so you can imagine my relief to finally share it with you. This was supposed to be finished way back in June... Woops! lol

Despite overshooting the deadline a bit, we've managed to get this done just in time for the long-planned launch, and Max and I are extremely proud of the result. In fact, (in our opinion, at least) this is absolutely our best work, ever!!

CLICK HERE to pre-order the CD (4 page digipak with 12 page lyric-booklet), now!


About Bread & Circuses...

"Bread and circuses" is a political term coined by the ancient Romans. It implies that if you give the general public just enough to eat, and something to entertain/distract them, they won't feel motivated to revolt, even if you're doing a terrible job, because their basic needs are covered. Sound familiar?

I'd like to think that, whilst mainly inspired by global socio-political and environmental events, this album does well to avoid being one-sided or divisive. Instead, my goal was to shine a bit of light on the world around us, and air out a few feelings that I expect many of you will relate to. 

Here's a list of the tracks, which includes a couple of songs you'll already know:

  1. Falling in Love is Easy
  2. River Run Dry
  3. My Heart
  4. Plastic Grass
  5. Live the Dream
  6. Despite Everything
  7. F***ing F***ed
  8. Bread & Circuses

The best way to support this record is by ordering the CD. And, if you buy it directly from me, I'll even sign it for you (unless you'd rather I didn't, of course)! ;)

Thank you for the continued support, and I can't wait to hear what you think,

Joe xxx


p.s. Don't forget, you can hear all these tracks with Early-Access by becoming a patron on Patreon, HERE!



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