Listen Now to New Track 'In My Head'!

Dear friends,

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the first of multiple new tracks from my unreleased 'By Name, By Nature' album.

The song is called 'In My Head', and just like everything on this album, it carries a mental health theme.

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2020 Tour News: 'By Name, By Nature' - Audio-Visual Extravaganza!

Dear friends,

I am ecstatic to be bringing you my most ambitious show to date, coming to five theatres around the UK.

I will be showcasing my debut album ‘By Name, By Nature’, with an audio-visual extravaganza, accompanied by full band. You can expect my trademark video-interactive choreography, a sprinkle of magic, and an exciting guest appearance.

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CHEERS! *Clinks two-dozen glasses of prosecco together*

I am so blessed to have the support these people give me!

Thank you to all my patrons who were able to make it along to my first ever 'Payne-Killer' event on Saturday. It was the perfect day! You're all so wonderful to spend time with, and it was a delight to enjoy a whole day in each others company.

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